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Hypnotherapy is a very easy, safe and comfortable way to make permanent, positive changes in our lives. Hypnosis is simply a relaxed and normal state of mind, similar to a daydream. It allows us to communicate more effectively with our subconscious mind where all of our mental patterns exist.

Many clients come to us for weight loss, smoking cessation, even stress, anxiety, pain management and phobias. It is known that improved sports performance, including better golf, may even be accomplished using hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

We work with our clients using positive concepts to literally reprogram the old negative patterns into positive patterns. Each private and confidential session begins with determining the client's unique needs, and then the hypnosis process is recorded on a CD for the client's reinforcement at home.

We sincerely care about our clients, and provide extraordinary client care with the goal of supporting our clients in every way possible as they make the positive changes they desire.


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