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Our Wellness Program encompasses Personal Training and/or Nutritional Counseling. Whether you need one visit to "get you on track" or you want ongoing supervision, one of our Specialists will set up a custom program for you.

Personal Training - This program identifies which types of exercise will best meet your needs. Before a workout program is created, assessments are done that determine: limitations and disabilities, muscle imbalances, core strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and problems with gait. Different types of exercise will be used to obtain balance in the body and each person's program is customized based on their assessments.

Nutritional Counseling - A BioMeridian Stress Assessment helps you to determine the best mix of supplements for your body type, lifestyle and metabolism. From there counseling and recommendations can be made to get you on the road to optimum health.

BioMeridian Stress Assessment is a non-invasive Class IIa FDA registered 510(k) medical device used to reliably measure Bioimpedance at Meridian points on the hands and feet. Based on Dr. Richard Voll's pioneering research which discovered a correlation among acupuncture points and their electrical relationship with the body's organ systems, this instrument measures bioelectric energy to produce a graph much like an EKG or EEG. Bioimpedance is the body's resistance to a tiny electrical current from one point to another along these Meridians, or channels of points.

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