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Client Testimonials

"For me, the Wellness Center has proven to be a true healing facilty in every sense of the word. The specific and focused rehabilitation programs appeared to be designed just for me. The core strength and stability work needed to strengthen the muscles surrounding my spine, coupled with the targeted massage treatments really brought relief in a relatively short period of time. And with the amazing new workout facility its so easy to stay motivated and get all my work done on site. Now I'm stronger, more flexible and feeling like my old self again. Thank you!"

- J. B.

"Right after my car accident I went to a few different doctors/physical therapists who just didn't seem to listen or understand what I was going through.... and I just wasn't seeing results. Then I found the Wellness Center. They didn't just give me chiropractic adjustments and send me on my way. Instead, they integrated several new and different treatment techniques I never thought I'd find all under one roof. And they all helped! Chiropractic care coupled with Rehabilitative Massage and Physical Therapy. For me, these overlapping therapies have really made all the difference in the world."

- K. N.

"I was very happy with Dr. Barrack and the entire staff at Chiropractic Wellness Center... Thank you for all that you did for me."

- R. D.

"I can't believe this decompression therapy! Nothing else helped me and this gets to the exact spot! Thank you."

- M. T.

"The nice staff and comfortable environment. GREAT PLACE!"

- Anonymous

"Beautiful Place to heal and get healed!"

- DD

"The ladies are always professional and always greet you with a smile. You never have to wait. You always feel better where you hurt."

- SF

"What I love about the Wellness Center is the professional, kind & caring staff, as well as the effectiveness of the treatments! I feel Great!"

- AY

"Everything is so clean and professional and the services are EXCELLENT!"

- Anonymous

"The staff is so friendly and caring. Dr. Barrack is the best and knows how to treat my problems."

- Anonymous

Where do I start? I love so much! The COMPASSION, The CARING, The COMFORT, The Hard Work, The Rewards and ahhhh... The Music!!


"Many years of service, many years of care, done with love and kindness with professional and special treatment over and above with flair."

- Anonymous

"Maureen, I just wanted to share something with you... this weekend I stayed at a Bed & Breakfast in Big Bear and when I mentioned to the owner about my back issues... he told me that his wife had issues w/her back and she saw the best DC ever...Dr. Barrack!!!! I was cracking up. You guys are the best! Just thought I would let you know! Thanks for everything!”

- CK

"The best service and people who are always ready to help at any time."

- Anonymous

"I love the atmosphere, sweet smiles, sincere "hello's" and Dr. Barrack's treatments!"

- VT

"I love the friendly greeting I receive every time I arrive. Thanks to Erica!"

- Anonymous

"I love that everyone is working together for a common goal! You girls in the front are a joy to work with in all your multifaceted roles. I know Dr. Brintwood values your contribution to the smooth running of each appt. Thank You!"

- KR

"A whole lot of "Good Hearts" work here. Keep up the good ambiance!"

- JH

"The Friendliness and the willingness to help. Thanks for making everyone better... Your place is fantastic!"

- Anonymous

"Of course you have the best chiropractors and massage therapists… but I especially like the friendly and accommodating staff. Thanks so much!"

- CC

"How beautiful, peaceful and relaxing it is. It's just a nice experience to be treated here!"

- Anonymous

"I love the way you support the ARTS! I bought a wonderful photo! Thanks!"

- SS

"I love the Art at the WELLNESS CENTER! Art is the Expression of being Human!"

- Amy

"The staff are wonderful, competent, caring. The best kind of people. May God Bless you.!"

- J

"I Love Dr. Brintwood and the new chiro care PRO ADJUSTER!"

- DK

"The Wellness Center has lots of smiley, happy people who really care about making me feel better!"

- NJ

"Loving, caring people who have been around as long as I have!"


"The complete staff is absolutely wonderful and Dr. P is great! Wonderful facility!"

- BD

"There are many "clinics" in 1 location!"

- Anonymous

"I love that my wife always feels better after a visit!"

- ET

"The friendly staff and welcome smile and the "Hello Charlotte" (I always receive) when I arrive and of course all the awesome Doctors!"

- Anonymous

"Ain't nothing bad about it! Great staff. Great Service. Great Results."

- LM

"To me the WELLNESS CENTER is a place I can easily call one of my homes because the people make me feel super comfortable especially when I am getting my massage! Thank you!"

- Anonymous

"You can drop by and be helped by friendly, patient staff."

- PA

"Beautiful place, Beautiful people, Awesome!"

- V

"Everybody cares about each and every patient's health and well being. Thanks!"

- KM

"I love the Spirit of the Staff, the Artwork and the Atmosphere! Thank You!"

- BD

"I love the Wellness Center as its a GROUP effort! Everyone is so thoughtful and full of love and great energy! Thank you!"

- CK

"Everybody is always cheery. I am always able to get in when I need to. I like the variety of Drs."

- Anonymous

"The love and care given for permanent healing!"

- MP

"The Wellness Center provides physical and mental mentors who guide patients on the road to healing and wholeness."

- Anonymous

"I love the staff and the incredible knowledge! Thank you!"

- Anonymous

"All of the warm, smiley faces that greet me make me feel better immediately! Thank You ALL!"

- Anonymous

"Dr. Postulka is a very nice chiropractor."

- VB

"I love that I always feel better when I come here."

- TR

"The staff is very friendly and always accommodate my schedule. Dr. Postulka is a great chiropractor."

- OM

"Kind staff - warm environment - gentle, open-minded treatment. What's not to love?"

- Anonymous

"There's no other place I've been where everyone working is always friendly, caring and so helpful. You guys are the best!"

- CM

"The concept of getting yourself physically and mentally together all at one address is priceless."

- C

"I like that girl that massages us."

- SE, 5 years old

"I love the personalized attention by the Front Desk's friendly staff and Amy's genuine concern about the "wellness" of her clients."

- DR

"The warm and caring feeling at the Wellness Center is wonderful. Amy has been so caring and positive with my acupuncture."

- L

"It's beautiful. The staff are so friendly. 1st time visitor and loving it!"

- Anonymous

"I love the friendliness of the staff and all the art!"

- LL

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